School video blog

by Kevin on September 26, 2011

Mr. Smith's school web page This week I started my school video blog at Dingman Delaware Middle School. I posted the first video about the four color lab yesterday. The video shows how the students completed the lab and how the colors mixed together. They also learned the different class procedures such as moving row by row when going to the sink and putting supplies back in an orderly way. They wore safety glasses for the first time as the glasses protect their eyes and also gets them in a good habit of wearing them during labs.

The students learned how to measure the volume of a liquid using the graduated cylinder, beaker and petri dish. They also learned how to read and interpret the meniscus, the line that one sees between the liquid and air in the graduated cylinder.  The students learned how to use the graduated cylinder, beaker and petri dish.I hope to post video there every week showing what we are doing in the classroom and to give the students experience demonstrating the important concepts.  Like they say, those that explain, retain.

You can see the video  and read the blog here.